History of the shop Butëiga dal Pan Hofer Local specialties

For many generations, the traditional business of the Hotel Snaltnerhof offers typical local products and delicious homemade bread

The history of the business Butëiga dal Pan Hofer begins 150 years ago with 2 servants from Barbiano, Christian the baker and Hans the miller. The brothers Hofer came to Val Gardena to work for the local baker. A few years later they bought a house on the S. Antonio Square and named it after their farm in Barbiano, the Snaltnerhof. First, they led the yard together, but after Hans got married and became farmer, he left the company to Christian who had a knack for business and therefore became mayor after a few years. This records the early history of the Snaltner, the bakers on the Antonius Square for generations.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the bread was baked in the lower basement and sold from house to house. Thanks to the growing tourism and the ongoing prosperity during the Austro-Hungarian Empire good years reigned. The period of poverty began with the First World War, but the Snaltnerhof was able to continue the operation. Even fascism brought difficult times, the flour was scarce so mush was mixed with it. The dark years of the Option and the Second World War followed. However, the bakery Snaltnerhof worked continuously since bread was needed at any time. Even the German military bought the bread for the hospital in Ortisei from the Snaltnerhof. After the 2nd World War the tide turned. In the 50s and 60s, the economy and tourism began to flourish. The Snaltnerhof acquired an iron stove, rebuilt the house and expanded it. Soon bread was sold in over 15 varieties.

In addition to the 25 types of bread, today the shop "Butëiga dal Pan Hofer" offers all kinds of national delicacies as well as specialties from the South Tyrol tradition.


The business Butëiga dal Pan Hofer isn’t only a business and a job, but it is part of the long tradition of the Hofer family.





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